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Whether you want your servers and data in the Cloud, in your own On Premises Data Centre, or a hybrid of both, the experts at KadecIT can help you.


Businesses of all sizes have made, or are considering making, the shift to the Cloud and, as the bandwidth and reliability of communications services continues to improve, more SMEs now have the option of moving their server workloads to the Cloud.

Some of the possible benefits of moving to the Cloud include:

  1. Potential cost savings
    The Cloud offers the potential for both up front and long-term cost reductions
  2. Increased functionality
    Cloud providers like Microsoft have built capabilities into their Cloud offerings that are not available to On-Premise deployments – see Digital Workplace Solutions
  3. Greater Accessibility
    Cloud systems can offer improved accessibility, an important issue for supporting today’s remote workforce
  4. Easy to scale
    Cloud systems can also scale easily, avoiding the capital costs of hardware upgrades that are sometimes necessary with On-Premise systems

These benefits can be compelling but the decision to move to the Cloud involves many factors and depends on your particular business requirements, plans and situation. KadecIT’s consultants can help you sort through all the issues to arrive at the best decision for your business.

Cloud Migrations

If you are considering moving some or all of your server workloads to the Cloud, KadecIT offers fully managed migration services to Cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure.

KadecIT’s Cloud Migration Services are designed to help our clients move their workloads (applications and data) reliably to the Cloud.

Our Migration Services cover migration planning and system design, security and backup, workload migration, commissioning and Quality Assurance testing.

Once successfully deployed in the Cloud KadecIT can then manage, monitor and support the deployment to ensure the migrated workloads remain is fully operational, secure condition.

Server and Storage Systems – On Premise

There is a lot of emphasis on the Cloud at the moment with the result that some IT decision makers are feeling pressure to move to the Cloud, whether it is good for their business or not!

IT decisions should always be made on merit, not hype.

Operating from the Cloud might be the right decision for your business but equally, there are many reasons why keeping some or all of your IT systems and data ‘On Prem’ may be the best option. It depends on your particular business requirements and situation.

This can only be determined by a review of the capabilities, performance, security and reliability that your business requires of its IT systems, your particular circumstances and the total cost of ownership of moving to the Cloud vs remaining On-Premises.

Our expertise in both On-Premise and Cloud computing can help

Here are a few factors to consider when assessing whether an On Premises solution or Cloud solution would be your best option:

  1. Internet Connections
    Not all locations can get reasonably priced Internet communications services that have sufficient bandwidth and reliability to handle the traffic requirements of operating from the Cloud.
  2. Costs
    Moving all workloads to the Cloud may be more expensive than expected, and those costs can rise rapidly as business requirements change.
  3. Performance
    Cloud systems may not deliver the level of performance that users expect or need.
  4. Some types of applications are not suited to Cloud because they need very high bandwidth between the users’ computers and the server.

Using Dell or HP servers and SANs, KadecIT can provide high performance, cost effective Server SAN solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

All systems can be provided with 4 or 5 year on-site hardware warranty, are fully manageable and remotely supportable.

KadecIT’s SOROBO systems are Hyperconverged Server systems built using standard HP and Dell Servers. 

They offer high performance, high redundancy for operational resilience, and can be fully managed and supported remotely.
Because we use HP and Dell standard servers, cost-effective and responsive on-site support for hardware failures is available at a wide range of locations.

Our SOROBO Server and Storage systems can come with 4 or 5 year on-site warranty and are suitable for small businesses or medium sized companies with remote offices that require their own server infrastructure.

Cloud Systems, Servers & Storage

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