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Your data may be your most important business asset, so it is critical that it is backed up and the backups are restorable if and when required.

No news there, but it is surprising how many SMEs do not have Backup Systems that can reliably backup all their VMs and data, store those backups securely and cost effectively, and recover their systems and data in a timely manner when required.


  1. Does your current Backup System backup all your servers and data?
  2. Is it restorable within a timeframe that your business can tolerate?
  3. How much data would you lose if you had to restore your systems and data from Backup?
    For instance, if you do nightly backups and your data is corrupted at 5pm one day, the business will permanently lose the whole day’s data when you restore last night’s backup.  Could the business tolerate the permanent loss of this data?
  4. Are your backups stored in a secure way?  If not, they may not be there, or be in a recoverable condition, when you need them.
  5. In particular, are your backups secure from a ransomware attack?
  6. How much storage do your backups take up?
    One of the bigger costs of a Backup System is the storage that it uses. An efficient, modern Backup System with Global deduplication capabilities, will use much less storage, making them much more cost-effective.

KadecIT specialises in providing Backup Systems that can meet the most demanding requirements of small and medium sized enterprises.  Primarily based on market leading products from Arcserve these systems offer industry leading capabilities, highly reliable backups, rapid restores and best in class storage reduction technology all at very competitive costs.


Key capabilities of a modern Backup System

This ensures that backups of Application Servers are properly ‘quiesced’ before a backup is taken, thereby creating an Application Consistent backup that can be reliably restored.  This is a critical capability for backing up Application Servers like Exchange and SQL Servers.

By understanding the structure of the datastore being backed up Application Aware backups allow partial restores of data from the backups, greatly speeding up restores.

Data deduplication reduces the amount of storage needed for storing backups and most Backup Systems have data deduplication capabilities.
However, Global Data Deduplication goes another step to further reduce the storage requirements of backups, substantially more than systems that only offer basic data deduplication.

Server systems and data stores have been growing in size year on year. The time required to restore an entire system from backup today can take many hours and this can be a significant issue for a business.
Advanced backup systems offer rapid restore capabilities that slash these Restore Times, in some cases to just minutes, thereby allowing businesses to achieve their Restore Time Objectives (RTOs).

Many businesses have mission critical servers that cannot be down for any period of time.
Advanced backup systems like Arcserve can provide Continuous Data Protection/High Availability for these systems where the primary server is continuously backed up in near real time to another, server (the secondary server), often at another location or in the Cloud.  If the primary fails the secondary server takes over with minimal loss of data.

Protecting Backups from Ransomware

As the ransomware threat continues to rise, protecting backups from ransomware attacks is becoming a major issue.

  • Ransomware creators are aware that the ultimate protection against a ransomware attack is the ability to restore from Backups. Consequently, ransomware often attempts to access Backup files and destroy them
  • It is critical therefore to protect against this
  • It is also critical to ensure that, if a ransomware attack is successful and data has to be restored from backups, the amount of data lost is kept to a minimum

KadecIT’s backup experts have developed a range of methods and best practices to protect backups from ransomware and minimise data loss should a ransomware attack be successful.

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