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A fast and reliable Communications and Network infrastructure improves all aspects of IT, enhances user satisfaction and increases business productivity.

Your communications and network infrastructure underpins all your IT systems and as the importance of IT to daily business operations has increased, the need for faster, more reliable, networking and communications has become more critical. This is particularly true for businesses that want to move some or all of their systems to the cloud.

The day-to-day operations of your business depends a great deal on your communications and network infrastructure so, it is critical that it performs well and works ultra-reliably.

Creating a network that your business can truly depend on means keeping the incidence of failures and faults to a minimum and increasing the resilience of the network so that failures of equipment or services do not bring the whole network down.

Reducing the incidence of faults and failures
The primary factors in reducing faults and failures are:

1. The initial design and specification of the network should be based on sound network principles and best practices
2. The network should be constructed using high quality equipment, components, cabling and communications services

Creating a resilient network
Resilience is created by building in redundancy of core network components, services and links. Common ‘candidates’ for redundancy include:

1. Core network switches and network paths
2. Core network services, including DNS, DHCP and Active Directory
3. Firewalls and the primary Internet connection
4. Primary WAN link (if your enterprise has a WAN)

By making these devices and services redundant the network can continue uninterrupted should an item fail.

KadecIT can assist you to design a network and comms infrastructure that will perform to your requirements, be highly reliable and resilient and will meet your budget requirements. We can then help you to install, manage and support it if required.


KadecIT’s team can help you create a high performance, reliable and resilient communications and network infrastructure that will satisfy the requirements of your business in the most cost-effective way, using best practices and the latest developments in technology and communications services.

Specifically, our team can assist you with the following:

– Reviewing your current network and communications equipment and services to determine if any problems or shortcomings exist and where improvements and cost reductions can be made.

– Creating a plan for the ongoing development of your network to better meet the evolving requirements of your business.

This plan would cover issues like- continuous improvement of network performance and reliability; leveraging new, lower cost, more reliable communications services; improving network reliability and resilience; improving network security and access provisions.

Finally, we can help you manage and support your network and comms infrastructure to maintain it in fully operational and secure condition.

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A fast and reliable Communications and Network infrastructure improves all aspects of IT, enhances user satisfaction and increases business productivity

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