Taking a strategic and practical approach to IT delivers superior

business outcomes at greatly reduced costs

Does your business need an expert, professional IT partner that can help you to:

  • make your IT systems perform faster, more effectively and more reliably?
  • make your business applications and data more accessible to your users whenever, and from wherever, they need them?
  • protect and backup your systems and data so they can be quickly and reliably recovered in the event of loss?
  • make your users, systems and data more secure from cyber attacks and breaches by malicious actors, including Ransomware?

KadecIT is focused on helping small and medium sized businesses to get the most out of their investments in IT.
We have been working with small and medium sized businesses to build high performance, robust, reliable and secure IT systems and networks for over a decade.

Cloud Systems, Servers & Storage

KadecIT offer a full range of Cloud Systems, Servers & Storage and Hybrid solutions to meet even the most challenging needs of your business

Data Backup, Retention, Archiving & DR

Data is a critical business asset. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to protect your business data and recover it quickly and reliably when needed

Networking & Communications

A fast and reliable Communications and Network infrastructure improves all aspects of IT, enhances user satisfaction and increases business productivity

End User Computing

KadecIT provides a full range of high-quality equipment and software to enhance end user productivity, satisfaction and overall business efficiency

Digital Workplace Solutions

Increase business productivity by providing users with powerful collaboration and productivity apps with anywhere, anytime access

Email & Telephony

A modern, integrated Email and Telephone communications solution is critical for a business to prosper in today’s competitive environment

IT Security

We provide a comprehensive set of industry leading IT security solutions to protect your business systems, data and users from cyber threats

IT Services

Review KadecIT’s full range of IT Technical Services and Managed Services

the challenge of it

Creating modern, effective IT systems and infrastructure, keeping it all in fully operational condition and then continuously improving and developing it to meet new business needs and to take advantage of new technologies, is a challenging task for business managers. It requires significant depth and breadth of IT skills and experience, along with strong tools and proven methods and practices.

Finding an expert and reliable IT Partner to help can also be difficult. Not all IT Providers possess the breadth and depth of skills required, at the level that today’s businesses require.

Do your IT systems and infrastructure provide the functionality, performance, reliability, accessibility, and security that your business needs today?

If things aren’t where you feel they should be, or could be, then we can help.

Our expert team is trained and experienced in all the key IT technologies. From the Cloud to the Desktop, we know what current IT technology can do for a business and what a truly effective, reliable and secure IT infrastructure should look like.

We use the latest developments in technology, along with best-in-class software and hardware products from industry leading IT vendors to create IT systems with all the capabilities, performance and reliability that your business needs. A reliable, high performing IT platform that will enable improvements in business and staff productivity while keeping your systems secure and your data protected. A platform that your business can truly rely on.

If this is what you are looking for, KadecIT may be the partner you need.


We will work with you to optimise the effectiveness of your IT systems in order to help your business be as effective, productive and profitable as it can be. In this way we fulfill our role as a true business partner.


When you engage with KadecIT you can rely on us to deliver the outcomes that you expect, and we agreed to provide, when you engaged us.

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