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IP Telephony and Email are mission critical but few businesses are realising the benefits that these systems can provide.


With the shutdown of traditional phone lines to be completed by 2022 business are being forced to shift to IP Telephony.

But IP Telephony is not just a replacement for your legacy PABX. It is a major technological shift that offers business, large and small, the potential for great improvements in business efficiency and user productivity.

RingCentral – Industry Leading IP Telephony

KadecIT offers the RingCentral IP Telephony and Business Productivity solution. RingCentral is consistently rated as a leader in IP Telephony hundreds of thousands of users all over the world.

RingCentral’s Business communications system offers:

  • RingCentral Office: Integrated phone, video and audio conferencing, and messaging
  • Message: Team messaging and collaboration with file sharing, tasks, and more
  • High Definition Video: Video meetings and Video Conferencing solution with HD video and screen sharing
  • Phone System: Cloud based PABX phone system with the industry’s most comprehensive range of features and functions
  • RingCentral Mobile App: The leading Mobile app in the industry gives users all RingCentral functions in their hand to work from anywhere
  • Integration with Outlook plus many other applications – most integrations of any IP Telephony solution
  • Range of cost-effective Business Plans to suit every business


Whether your Email Server is On Premises or In the Cloud, managing, securing and protecting the Email System, and its data, so it remains fully operational is a challenge, especially for small and medium sized businesses who cannot afford dedicated Email experts on staff.

  • Email data is growing rapidly creating usability, performance, storage, backup and email retention and archiving issues
  • The costs of owning your Email System are increasing so finding ways to reduce these costs is becoming an important business issue. This is a major factor in the emergence of Cloud Hosted email systems, especially Exchange Online
  • Email systems, both In the Cloud and On Premises, are under constant attack from cybercriminals potentially exposing the Email System, your users and your entire IT network to malware and other threats


KadecIT’s consultants are expert at managing, maintaining and supporting email systems for small and medium sized businesses.

We can assist with:

  • Specifying, installing and configuring your Email System, whether it is On Premises or In the Cloud
  • Setting up and customising your email users’ applications
  • Maintaining your Email System in fully operational, up-to-date and secure condition
  • Managing and supporting your Email BackUp, Data Retention and Archiving provisions in accordance with your data retention and recovery requirements
  • Helping your business leverage the full capabilities of your Email System to improve business processes and efficiency and, increase the productivity of email users

We can also fully manage, monitor and support your Email System as a Managed Service to increase the Email System’s level of dependability and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this critical business system is fully maintained.

Your Exchange Email System (Server and Client applications) has a huge array of advanced features built in, many of which are largely unused by businesses. Yet these capabilities can play a significant role in improving business processes and increasing the productivity of users.

Our Email consultants can assist you and your staff to review how email is used and processed in your business to see if these advanced capabilities can be used for business benefit.

For many businesses, moving their Email Server to the Cloud is a viable option that can reduce costs and provide improved access, greater flexibility and better reliability.

If you would like to discuss the possible benefits of moving your Email Server to the Cloud please give us a call on 1300 106 280

With Email Systems needing to be always on and highly available backing up the email system and its data can be quite challenging.

Our consultants can assist you to define your Email System BackUp, Recovery, Data Retention and Archiving requirements and then build a cost effective Backup system that can meet these requirements.


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