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The Digital Workplace can revolutionise the way people use and work with IT

It has the potential to greatly increase workplace flexibility, staff productivity and general business efficiency.

A Digital Workplace is a cloud based platform that allows employees to work anytime and anywhere. The ability to collaborate with fellow employees in the digital workplace continues to expand with applications like Microsoft Teams and RingCentral making business operations considerably more productive.

The digital workplace encompasses all the technologies and platforms people need to function in a business. This ranges from video conferencing, emailing, team collaboration, scheduling and phone operations.




The average employee spends roughly 27 minutes commuting to and from work, with the digital workplace employees can work in the comfort of their own homes without spending unnecessary time and money travelling to a physical workplace every day. Evidence also suggests that virtual meetings are relatively shorter than in-person meetings as there are less unrelated discussions and employees use time effectively to discuss only relevant topics.

By opting for virtual meetings and interactive chat boards, you can reduce or eliminate in-person collaboration, which saves on travel and overhead costs like office space and furniture. You also won’t need a large IT team to manage on-premise servers or custom software that needs time-consuming upkeep.

Increased productivity and better focus are among the top reasons why most employees prefer working digitally. Initially companies had doubts about whether digital workplaces would be as productive as a physical office. These doubts are now ruled out with the evident increase in employee productivity when they are given the flexibility to work from home. With the increased ability to communicate with fellow employees through video call and instant message, productivity is at a peak.

In the wake of COVID-19, the whole corporate sector has deployed a work from the home strategy. A Digital Workspace can provide immense help in these trying times in ensuring that the productivity of the workforce does not take a hit.

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