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Taking a carefully planned, holistic approach to the management and development of IT is essential if your enterprise is to realise the full benefits of its IT investment.


KadecIT has been focused on helping small and medium sized enterprises leverage Information Technology to become more productive, more efficient and ultimately more profitable for more than a decade.

To achieve these objectives, we offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions and a broad range of IT services including:
Installation Services and General Technical Services
Including: project planning and management, system installation, general technical advice and assistance
– OnRequest Technical Support Services
Technical support services on request on a fee for service basis
– Consulting Services
Including: IT systems and technology reviews and assessments, IT systems design, Strategic IT Planning, IT strategy reviews
– IT Management Services
A structured program for managing all aspects of IT within a small to mid-sized business
– Managed IT Services
System management and support services for a range of IT systems at a fixed monthly cost

Through one or more of these services our experienced team can help your business to:
– Improve the functionality, performance and reliability of your IT Systems
– Increase the productivity and level of satisfaction of your IT users
– Improve IT Security
– Improve overall business efficiency
– Develop your IT systems to meet the changing requirements and demands of your business as it evolves


Implementing an effective IT Management Plan is the starting point for improving the value and effectiveness of IT in your business.
KadecIT’s ‘IT Management Service’ is a structured program designed to assist clients in the task of managing and developing their IT systems.

Elements of the IT Management Service include:
1. Strategic IT Planning
2. IT Administration
3. Regular Systems Management and Preventative Maintenance
4. Systems Monitoring and Automation
5. Management of Technical Support resources


If you would like to discuss how the IT Management Service could benefit your business please give us a call on 1300 106 280.

Businesses of all sizes often fail to realize the full benefits that IT can provide, sometimes despite significant investment.

You can go a long way to eliminating the risks of this occurring in your business by adopting a structured approach to Strategic IT Planning to control IT development and capital expenditure. This can be expected to increase the value of your IT initiatives to your business while reducing the risks of wasted IT investment.
Properly done, Strategic IT Planning will provide greater confidence and more certainty in IT decision making. It will also provide your business managers with greater visibility and control of IT development, which helps to ensure that IT expenditure is managed in accordance with business plans, and it will help minimise or eliminate unexpected IT costs.

“If you don’t plan for success, you are planning for failure” – Benjamin Franklin

Effective IT Administration makes running IT a simpler and more efficient process and can save a great deal of time and money.

It includes:

– Secure management of system passwords

– Setting and documenting essential IT policies and practices

– IT inventory and license control

– Management of Maintenance and Services providers

– Basic IT budgeting for maintenance, renewals, support and planned capital expenditure, etc.


Systems management and preventative maintenance involves regular checks and tests of your IT systems to verify that they are in fully operational condition.

Real-time monitoring of the IT systems to pick up faults and error events in real time and either fix them automatically or raise alerts for human intervention.

Having suitably trained and experienced technical personnel available to ensure that IT issues and problems can be addressed in a timely manner when they arise.

Once these elements are in place and working effectively your businesses should be in a position to realise the full, anticipated benefits of its IT investment. KadecIT’s IT Management Service is designed to assist you with all of these functions and is offered as a Managed Service for a fixed price per month or as a Pay As You Go service charged on an hourly basis.


Is there potential for Cloud computing to reduce the costs and/or improve the performance and reliability of your IT systems?

KadecIT’s consultants can help you through the process of assessing the feasibility and costs of moving some or all of your IT workloads to the Cloud.

If this proves to be commercially and technically advantageous to your business, we can then help you to move your systems into the Cloud and provide system management and support services to keep them fully operational.


KadecIT offers a range of Managed Services that are designed to reduce the costs and improve performance and reliability of your IT systems while taking the burden of maintaining your IT systems in full operational condition off your shoulders.

These services are charged on a monthly fixed price basis and include:

– Email system management
– Cloud- and On-Premises Server and storage systems management
– IT Security management
– BackUp and recovery system management
– End User Computing and Network systems management

These services can be combined and customised to your specific requirements and budget.

Please call us on 1300 106 280 if you would like more information on how KadecIT’s Managed Services could benefit your business.

Cloud Systems, Servers & Storage

KadecIT offer a full range of Cloud Systems, Servers & Storage and Hybrid solutions to meet even the most challenging needs of your business

Data Backup, Retention, Archiving & DR

Data is a critical business asset. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to protect your business data and recover it quickly and reliably when needed

Networking & Communications

A fast and reliable Communications and Network infrastructure improves all aspects of IT, enhances user satisfaction and increases business productivity

End User Computing

KadecIT provides a full range of high-quality equipment and software to enhance end user productivity, satisfaction and overall business efficiency

Digital Workplace

Increase business productivity by providing users with powerful collaboration and productivity apps with anywhere, anytime access

Email & Telephony

A modern, integrated Email and Telephone communications solution is critical for a business to prosper in today’s competitive environment

IT Security

We provide a comprehensive set of industry leading IT security solutions to protect your business systems, data and users from cyber threats

IT Services

Review KadecIT’s full range of IT Technical Services and Managed Services

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