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The purpose of IT in business is to improve efficiency and enable staff, and the business overall, to be more productive, while keeping business systems and data secure and protected along the way. The measure of a business’s IT infrastructure is how well it supports these objectives.

Our focus as an IT partner is to help you create an IT infrastructure that enables your staff and management to work effectively and productivity from anywhere, while keeping them and your data safe and protected, and to achieve this in the most cost-effective way possible.



KadecIT focuses on small to medium sized enterprises, from 5 to 500 users and we have been working in this space for over 15 years.


Cloud Systems, Servers & Storage

KadecIT offer a full range of Cloud Systems, Servers & Storage and Hybrid solutions to meet even the most challenging needs of your business

Data Backup, Retention, Archiving & DR

Data is a critical business asset. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to protect your business data and recover it quickly and reliably when needed

Networking & Communications

A fast and reliable Communications and Network infrastructure improves all aspects of IT, enhances user satisfaction and increases business productivity

End User Computing

KadecIT provides a full range of high-quality equipment and software to enhance end user productivity, satisfaction and overall business efficiency

Digital Workplace

Increase business productivity by providing users with powerful collaboration and productivity apps with anywhere, anytime access

Email & Telephony

A modern, integrated Email and Telephone communications solution is critical for a business to prosper in today’s competitive environment

IT Security

We provide a comprehensive set of industry leading IT security solutions to protect your business systems, data and users from cyber threats

IT Services

Review KadecIT’s full range of IT Technical Services and Managed Services

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