The reality today is that organisations can no longer rely solely on their Firewalls and Anti-Malware to protect their IT systems and information from the relentless barrage of threats coming from the Internet.


There is general acknowledgement within the IT Security industry today that businesses should no l

onger carry the expectation that all malware attacks can be prevented, even if their security systems

are fully maintained and up to date.


So where does this leave individuals and businesses?


What it means is that, to be effective, your IT Security Strategy should not only have the strongest

measures you can deploy to prevent attacks being successful, but now these defences must be

supplemented by measures to limit damage and enable rapid recovery if an attack does succeed.



In the past, SMEs have often relied on anonymity as a defence against cyber threats, but events over the

last 2 years have shown that anonymity is in fact no defence.  Today organisations all over the world,

regardless of size, are suffering malware infections at a level not previously experienced, especially

ransomware breaches, and this situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.


The bottom line is that all organisations, regardless of size, are at great risk today so having an effective

IT Security plan and strong, up to date security measures in place, is a business imperative.



Kadec has been providing market leading IT security solutions for SMEs for more than 10 years. Our team

of consultants and engineers can assist you to develop, implement and support an enterprise class

IT security system for your business.


If you would like to discuss ways of improving your IT Security please call 1300 106 280.








According to a recent report from the Online Trust Alliance (an international non-profit organisation that works with companies and policymakers to enhance privacy and security on the internet), the majority of reported security breaches could have been prevented by up to date security provisions and basic security best practices.


It is clear from this that deploying proven IT security products, properly installed and regularly checked, will go a long way to keeping your business safe from cyber threats.  However today your security plan requires and extra dimension.


An effective security plan today will have 2 primary elements:


1. Attack Prevention measures

Preventing security breaches is the most critical objective of an effective IT security plan because ‘prevention is better than (and much cheaper than) cure’ when it comes to IT security.

The prevention measures should include:

  • A market leading, proven anti-malware and content security system with comprehensive integrated email, web and endpoint security capabilities
  • A strong, application level firewall
  • Regular vulnerability patching
  • Strong passwords or 2 factor authentication
  • Designed and installed according to the vendor’s guidelines and security best practices
  • Regular checks and tests to make sure that all elements are up to date and working


2. Damage Minimisation and Rapid Recovery

The attack prevention measures should also be supplemented by a modern BackUp and Recovery System that provides very granular Recovery Points for your systems and data. This will minimise the amount of data that can be lost, and provide quick Recovery Times to minimise business disruption, should a breach occur.


The BackUp system should also have the ability to enable automated testing of the integrity of BackUps.


Kadec's security team has been helping small and medium sized enterprises implement and support effective, dependable security systems, using market leading security products and built with industry best practices, for well over 10 years.  We can assist you to review and assess the current state of your IT Security provisions, identify any weaknesses and help you create a cost effective IT Security Plan that will provide enterprise class protection your organization.

﷯VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT Attacking vulnerabilities in Operating Systems and applications is still one of the most common ways for malware to infect computers - and one of the simplest to address. The Importance of Patching Keeping Operating Systems and Applications up to date with Patches is one of the most effective security measures an organisation can undertake. However, patching can be a time consuming process and, in some circumstances, it can present operational issues. Vulnerability Shielding (Virtual Patching) Sometimes patching is not a viable option for various reasons. Where this happens Vulnerability Shielding can be deployed and it has several advantages over Patching: Unlike Patching, Virtual Patches deploy automatically – no human effort involved. They do not actually change the Operating System or Application as patches do, so the risks of problems occurring is reduced. They can protect systems from malware and exploits when no Patch exists, such as Zero Day exploits Kadec’s Security consultants can help you to implement a Patching or Vulnerability Shielding system that is suitable for your particular situation. Please call if you would like to discuss this further.


Threat detection and prevention remains the most important element of any IT Security Plan.


This part of the plan requires:

A strong anti-malware and content security solution with:

  • Proven capabilities
  • Fast protection against new malware
  • Blocks in the Cloud rather than after download
  • Light use of clients’ computer resources
  • Zero Day attack prevention
  • Ransomware prevention capabilities
  • Comes from a vendor with strong commitment and track record

An application level firewall

  • New generation firewall with proven record of effectiveness
  • High Availability option
  • Strong support from a committed, active vendor

Regular reviews to confirm that all elements of the system are fully operational at all times and that they are up to date

Kadec provides a range of market leading anti-malware and firewall solutions to help you create a strong and effective IT security for your business.


Please call us on 1300 106 280 if you would like to discuss ways to improve IT Security in your business


The first line of defense against ransomware is a strong, up to date, properly implemented anti-malware and content security solution with anti-ransomware capabilities, combined with a basic user awareness program.


But if your systems are breached by Ransomware, which can happen to even the most secure organisations today, you also need to be able to limit the damage and recover quickly.


The Role of Modern BackUp in IT Security

What is required is the ability to quickly and easily restore the systems and data that have been compromised from a recent BackUp (preferably no more than 2-4 hours old) so normal operations can resume with minimal delay and data loss.


A modern BackUp system will enable you to take frequent BackUps at short intervals, save them using very little storage, and perform system and data recovery very quickly if required, thereby allowing rapid recovery from a security breach with very little downtime or data loss. Kadec’s consultants can help you design and implement a BackUp and Recovery System that can provide these capabilities.


Please call 1300 106 280 to find out more.


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