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Backup is a mission-critical IT function yet too many small and medium-sized businesses have backup solutions that come up short in a number of important functional areas. Additionally, they are often fragmented, complex and difficult to manage. And they cost.


Older backup systems are unable to meet modern business requirements

Older backup systems lack the capabilities to handle many of the challenges facing businesses today, including:

• the rapid growth in data,

• the need to perform backups more quickly and more frequently with no perceptible impact on the

performance of production systems and without interruption to business operations,

• the need for fast recovery and frequent recovery points to minimize data loss  (especially email and

transaction data),

• the need for flexibility in where systems can be recovered when failures occur – eg., to the same server,

another server or VM, to a physical or virtual server, to VMware or Hyper-V, to another site or the Cloud.

• the need to be able to restore an entire system or a single file or email from a single backup

• the need to control the escalating costs of storing backups and retaining data in accordance with business


• the need to protect data stored on the wide range of devices used by employees.

• with more and more businesses using the Cloud, the need to be able to backup Cloud-based servers.


Many businesses are also being required to demonstrate compliance to data protection standards, either by law or to assure shareholders, customers, insurance providers, auditors, etc, that their data protection systems are effective and reliable.


On top of this the threat of malware, especially ransomware, that threatens to destroy your data and incapacitate IT systems, is increasing.


Your backup solution must be able to meet these challenges, in a cost-effective way, or your business can at risk.


Arcserve UDP : a modern backup solution

There are very few backup systems can meet these challenges, and even fewer can do it in a single product.  However, there is a cost-effective solution that can – Arcserve’s award-winning Unified Data Protection (UDP).


Arcserve UDP provides all the advanced capabilities to deliver comprehensive, highly flexible, ultra dependable data protection, recovery and disaster recovery to businesses of all sizes.  It can replace multiple point solutions to reduce risks and costs and, it enables businesses to fully manage, measure, and control system and data recovery in accordance with their requirements and objectives. It is also very cost-effective.


Capabilities of Arcserve UDP

Arcserve UDP is a truly modern backup system with a comprehensive set of capabilities including:


• Image backups of virtual and physical servers

Image backups of both physical servers and virtual servers  (both VMware and HyperV)

• Application-consistent backups

Application-consistent backups of servers to ensure that recovered servers will run reliably when restored.

• ‘Infinite Incrementals’

Frequent, very fast, block-level incremental backups of all systems and data (physical or virtual) with no

detectable effect on the performance of the systems being backed up, yet providing the ability to restore

entire systems or individual files from any restore point.

• Granular restore

Fast, dependable restore of entire systems or individual items such as folders, files or emails (granular

restore) from a single image backup on disk or tape.

• Highly flexible recovery options

The flexibility to restore a system from a backup to wherever you need it to be recovered to including, back

to the original machine (physical or virtual), to another server (physical or virtual), to a remote site or to the

Cloud. For example, backup a physical server and restore it to a virtual server or vice versa, backup an

on-premises server (physical or virtual) and restore it to a different site or the Cloud, backup a Hyper-V VM

and restore it to a VMware host.

• Advanced recovery options

Assured Recovery:  Arcserve UDP enables automated disaster recovery testing of business critical

  servers, applications and data without business interruption or impact on production Systems

Instant VM Recovery:  Enables near instant recovery of a failed VM from a previously stored backup

Virtual Standby:  A preconfigured virtual machine on premises o at another location or in the Cloud that

  is ready  to provide near instant recovery of a failed VM

Bare Metal Recovery:  Ability to recover a backup of a machine to different hardware

• Reduced storage costs

Arcserve’s Global Deduplication massively reduces the amount of storage required to store and retain

backups (typically by 80% to 95%) thereby substantially reducing the total cost of your backup system. It

also greatly reduces the amount of bandwidth required to replicate backups to other locations over WAN

links or the Internet.

• Great storage flexibility

Arcserve gives you the flexibility to save your backups to disk, tape, remote site, or Cloud.

• PC backup option

Backup application for Windows PCs, laptops and tablets that performs incremental backups, deduplicates

them and transmits them to the UDP backup store.

• Role-based administration


To discuss how Arcserve UDP’s system could be the perfect solution to your backup requirements, call us on 1300 106 280.